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Purchasing your diamonds online: Buyer Beware…

It is difficult to gauge without seeing a diamond where within the grade the diamond lies. Customers need to be aware as this can greatly affect the price eg. High SI2 clarity can cost up to 75% more than very low SI2 (SI3). This is not made clear on the certificate.

Customers should be aware of the price decrease for smaller diameter stones even if they still get “Excellent” or “Very Good” cut grades. Eg. A 6.3mm 1ct round diamond should sell for 15-20% less than a 6.4mm stone. This is because a 6.3mm stone arguably looks like a 0.9ct diamond, even though it is a 1ct stone based on it’s weight which can be held mainly in the body of the stone.

Many diamonds have slight or medium fluorescence. Some people prefer this as it can give the stone a slightly whiter appearance. However, some strongly fluorescent diamonds can look milky which will negatively affect the overall appearance of the stone. There are a lot of these strongly fluorescent, hard to sell stones, available on the internet.

Some diamonds are “smokey”. Smokiness is caused by sub microscopic particles and is not usually disclosed on the diamond certificate.

Many internet sites have diamonds that the normal trade distribution have found hard to sell. Most of the good stones are in demand by the trade and are sold by diamond manufacturers.

A lot of the internet lists are virtual, and the stones may no longer exist.

Some certificates on the internet may be incorrect or fraudulent.

At Bethlehem Jewellers Boutique we have access to a huge national and international database of conflict free diamonds. With three manufacturing jewellers on site, with a combined 60 years experience in the jewellery industry. We can personally guide you through the process of buying a diamond, helping you to get the perfect diamond, and making it an experience to treasure.

All Bethlehem Jewellers Boutique diamonds are sourced from respected diamond merchants who proudly adhere to the standards set by the Kimberley Process.This process guarantees every diamond we sell is conflict free.We hold this in the highest regard and will continue to support and only sell conflict free stones.