Gent’s Guide to Engagement Rings 2017-07-28T04:43:20+00:00

The Gent’s Guide

gents-guide-to-wedding-ringsThe Budget

The first step is to establish a realistic budget, we want our clients to feel comfortable with what they are spending. It’s all about finding the right balance – buy the nicest ring that you can afford. In the end, it’s not the amount of money you spend on an engagement ring that matters, but rather the sentiment and thought that goes into purchasing, or designing it.


With the budget now decided, we can think about the design. Keep your ears open to hints – pictures she has shown you, designs she has admired either on other people or in jewellery stores. If she hasn’t dropped any hints, don’t panic! Together we can design something beautiful, classic and unique, something we are sure your partner will absolutely love.

Education—The “4 Cs”

Once your budget has been decided we encourage you to view our Diamond Guide, to get a better understanding of the 4 C’s. This will help you to decide which diamond will best suit your design and budget. To get the best diamond for your budget there can be a trade off between size and quality. This is where the extensive experience of our manufacturing jewellers is invaluable. After discussing the budget and design with you, they can then source a selection of stones for you to view and help you to make an informed decision on your diamond. Nothing compares to viewing diamonds in person and sometimes, although a stone may “grade up well” on paper they may not appear as favourably when viewed in person. It can be as simple as two stones that grade up the same, but viewing the stones in person shows that one may have much more scintillation (sparkle) to it, this type of stone would always look better even when slightly dirty from everyday wear. Seeing the actual stone or a selection of stones can help you to make the very best choice. The same principals apply if sourcing a coloured gemstone instead/as well as a diamond.

The Proposal

Get romantic and make it a surprise and make it personal, but the most important advice is to ask her the way she would like to be asked – remember you know her better than anyone. Chances are she’ll be telling the story of how you proposed a fair few times to friends and family – make it one worth telling!