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Jewellery Insurance Claims


At Jewellers Boutique, we work with all of the major insurance companies. We are happy to prepare an after loss valuation for the item(s) lost, or stolen, if requested by your insurance company or claim handler.

The experienced staff at Jewellers Boutique will work with you to ensure that your insurance claim is as stress free, and seamless as possible, by offering an extensive range of jewellery & watch brands in our large retail showroom, which enables your claim to be fulfilled quickly and easily.

With two experienced manufacturing jewellers working on site, we are able to craft bespoke pieces of jewellery, to replicate what you have lost, or design new pieces to reflect your own personal taste; creating a new heirloom to be treasured for generations to come.

Independent Jewellery Valuations

We are also happy to arrange an independent valuation for your item(s) through an independent New Zealand gemologist and jewellery valuer. Please contact us directly for pricing and information regarding our jewellery valuation service.